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5 Harmless Ways to Keep the Birds Away from Your Backyard

5 Harmless ways to keep the birds away from your Backyard

“The Beam of Sunset reflecting –

on the blooming flowers in the backyard; 

Birds are singing and feeding to their kids,

Watching these scenes and drinking the evening coffee in the yard.”

The enchanting views. Right!

Imagine that scene happening in this scenario, birds eating the blooming flowers and vegetables instead of singing. Bring plastic waste from somewhere to your backyard. Keep on ruining the plant instead of feeding their kids. The Worst, Right? We couldn’t allow them in every garden and field. Crow will destroy the grains field entirely. For this reason, our responsibility to know Harmless ways to keep the birds away from your backyard. 

Harmless Ways to Keep the Birds Away from Your Backyard 

1. Scarecrows 

A Scarecrow is a creepy one in the form of a humanoid figure covered with old clothes. Moreover, like mannequins. It is used in the crop fields to repel birds. This way is the most traditional one. Research says when you drop scarecrows near ponds, the chance of visiting local ducks will drop by 95%.


Did You Know? 

The first scarecrows were used about 3,000 years ago. 

A scarecrow is a temporary solution. Birds get used to immobile things and mannequins. But a few tricks that give a long run for this method. Draw some realistic features for the Scarecrow and use brightly colored clothes. This method works better to frighten the birds.

2. Bird Control Services  

Bird control services

Bird control services are one of the professional ways to keep the birds away from your backyard. Choosing the best bird control services is the main task here. Once you pick the right one, the rest of the things will be taken care of by them. 

They have types of bird spoofing methods to disperse the birds harmlessly.

The Methods are:

  • Bird Net System
  • Bird Wire
  • Bird Spikes
  • Bird repellent Spray

How do Bird Control Services work?

Survey: Team will do the survey and inquiry about the pest problem. 

Planning: After the survey, they get an idea about your problem. Plan accordingly.

Treatment: They decided the method will proceed with the suitable treatment for the problem. 

Aftercare: After treatment, the customer care team will be in contact for your queries.  

3. Use Bird Netting

Birds netting

Bird Netting is also called anti-bird netting. The Purpose of the net is to protect certain areas from birds attack. Most of the net is used in carbon-black inhibitors to protect against solar rays. The Bird nettings are made up of bi-oriented polypropylene or woven polyethylene. Varies sizes are also available.

4. Natural Do It Yourself Kit 

Garden bird control spray

There are a lot of Natural Bird Repellents in the market. The Bird control spray acts as a repellent that prevents and controls it. 

Instruction Use Products

Once you get the product, shake well before use. 

Mix 250ml of product with 750ml of water 

Spray the mixture throughout the garden once a month. 

5. Shiny Object 

Shiny Object 

Shiny objects are most reflective. It makes birds problematic. 

This method is one of the cheapest & homemade ways to keep birds away from the backyard. The reflection of light scares the birds and they won’t return to these areas. Old CDs, Tin Foil, Mirrors, metallic wrappers are some of the shiny objects. 

We agree that birds are pollinators. But some birds are a nuisance to our garden. Better to learn harmless ways to keep the birds away from your backyard. 


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