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5 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Breeding in This Monsoon

5 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Breeding in This Monsoon

Monsoon or post-monsoon causes wetness and brings slight weather changes. The monsoon gives huge break from the heat. Also, remember that a large amount of pest breeding is happening in this season. Mainly Mosquitoes breeding is happening in a large amount & also causes more diseases. Here are some tricks and ways to prevent mosquito breeding in this Monsoon. 

Every pest is annoying but the buzzing sound from mosquitoes while sleeping is the most bothersome. Jokes apart mosquitoes is a member of the group of almost 3600 species of small flies.

The Lifecycle of mosqutioes

The life cycle of mosquitoes is four stages. The stages are egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Did you know that a female mosquito can lay 100 eggs in a day? So prepare yourself before it gets multiple. 

Tops Ways to Prevent Mosquito Breeding in This Monsoon

1. Avoid Water Stagnation 

Water Stagnation 

In Monsoon, Unnecessary water will accumulate near the house or surround the house. Mosquito’s eggs lay on the surface of the water. They hatch into motile larva. So, avoid water stagnation around the house. Don’t store water in an open vessel. Make sure to close all the drainage systems and prepare to drain out all the rainwater. Most important clear all the water stagnation on tires, pots, tanks, etc.

2.  Book Mosquito Control Services 

Best mosquito control service in chennai

There are a lot of mosquito control services out there. Prepare a list of service companies and sort out the best mosquito control service. Then book a service to get rid of mosquitoes. Filter a company using google reviews, availability, pricing, and offers. The most important thing to check is that they are using natural and harmless products to control mosquitoes.

Remember that there are three things to do before pest control services come for Treatment. This method is one of the easiest ways to prevent mosquito breeding. 

3.  Eco Magic Mosquito Catchers 

Eco magic electronic repellent

Buy some electric Mosquito catchers to prevent breeding. There are good natural electric mosquito catchers on the market. Choose eco-friendly products and use them properly. Avoid direct contact with children. 

4. Use Natural Mosquito Spray or Repellent Products

Eco marvy mosquito control spray

Use Natural Mosquito spray or repellent products on the mosquito spotted areas. The spray repels and also prevents the mosquito. It is safe to use and eco-friendly too. Mosquito sprays are recommended for residential purposes. 

Common steps to use Natural Mosquito Spray

  1. Once you get the product in hand, shake it well before use.
  2. Mix 200ml product with 750ml of water. 
  3. Spray the mixture in the affected areas. 
  4. Repeat the process once a week.

5. Try Home Remedies 

 Home Remedies to control mosquito breeding

Home Remedies are one of the cheapest and most natural ways to prevent Mosquito Breeding. Home remedies are affordable and easily available products. Here we have listed below some of the items that are neglected by mosquitoes. 

  1. Garlic
  2. Camphor
  3. Coffee grounds
  4.  Mint
  5. Lavender oil 

Try above any one of the ways to prevent Mosquito Breeding in this Monsoon. Protect you and your family from dangerous diseases.

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