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Bed Bug Control Services

bed bug control

PestRid Naturals uses a natural product which is highly effective on the Bed bugs and most of all 100% safe for humans and environment. Our technicians spray BED BUG RID a proven product which effectively kills even the eggs of the bed bugs, being a natural product the spraying with natural residue will be done wherever the existence of the bugs are identified even in the cots,mattresses,walls and all interiors as it leaves no toxic effect on the treated areas. The treatment has to be done thrice in an interval of twenty one days to completely eradicate the population of the bugs.

Highlights of Bed Bug Control Services

  • 100% Natural.
  • Kills eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs.
  • Can be used in all places (Cots, Mattress).
  • Manufactured in India.
  • Economical.
  • Very effective against bed bugs.
  • Attacks insect’s exoskeleton.
  • Zero Stain, Natural aroma.
  • Non toxic water based formula.
  • Children, elderly and pet safe.

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About Bed Bug Control / Bed Bug

Pest Rid Naturals Bedbug pest control in Chennai uses a natural product which is highly effective on the Bed bugs and most of all 100% safe for humans and environment. Pest Rid Naturals have introduced a NATURAL and a highly effective BED-BUG-RID a ready to use spray which can be conveniently used to eradicate the disruption caused by the bugs. BED-BUG-RID is a proven product which effectively kills even the eggs of the bed bugs, being a natural product the spraying with natural residue can be done wherever the existence of the bugs are identified even in the cots,mattresses,walls and all interiors consciously as it leaves no toxic effect on the treated areas

Bed Bug

Bedbugs are small wingless insects that evolved as nest parasites. They solely feed upon the warm blooded animals’ blood. Specific Bedbugs inhabit bat roosts and bird nests and wait for their hosts to return; and other Bedbugs have got used to live in domestic places – homes of people. Bedbugs at hatchling stage are approximately in the size of a poppy seed, and the adult ones are approximately ¼ inch in length. They are oval in shape and coloured near to white while moulting and later they turn into a light tan to a burnt orange or a deep brown. Bedbugs can never develop wings hence they cannot fly, however they move very quickly. When they get disturbed, they usually find shelter in dark crevices and cracks.

Bedbugs Life Cycle

A large infestation from a few Bedbugs can happen very quickly. A female Bedbug can produce about 500 young ones through its lifetime and 3 generations may live per one year. Since knowing about a pest’s life cycle can help you prevent it

it usually takes 2 to 4 months for a Bedbug to grow from egg to adult stage. Eggs that are produced by a female Bedbug are usually found in clusters of about 50 eggs or less, and they hatch in seven to fourteen days. Female Bedbug uses glue like substance stick the eggs to a rough surface.

The nymph must consume blood of a warm blooded animal in order to moult, and most of the times their blood hunting begins while we, human beings, sleep. Most of us cannot feel the bites and sometimes it may take a few days for us to realize that bedbugs have bitten us.

The nymphs typically moult five times in order to reach adult stage, which can be over within three weeks in warmer weather, while it takes many months during cooler weathers. Mostly, an adult Bedbug can survive up to ten to twelve months.

What Do Bedbugs Do?

These pests look for animals and people, usually during night times while the hosts are sleeping, and Bedbugs sip a few drops of their blood without letting the host feel the pain. Bedbugs usually prefer darkness. They inject a little amount of saliva into the host’s skin while sucking the blood. While the exposure to Bedbug bites is repeated for a week or longer period, it makes the hosts to get sensitized to Bedbug’s saliva. Then, extra bites can cause mild to severe allergic reactions. The wounds that are caused on your skin through Bedbug bites resemble look similar to those that are caused by other feeding insects like fleas and mosquitoes.

Eating habits

Bed bugs are usually active through the nights with a high attack rate just prior to dawn. However when there is a chance, they can attempt to feed even during day times. They are more attracted to the presence of carbon dioxide and to warm places. A Bedbug pierces the host skin with the help of two hollow tubes. It injects its saliva through one tube and sucks the blood with the other. Once after feeding Bedbugs go back to their hiding places. We, humans cannot feel the Bedbug bites until few hours, as a result of anticoagulants and anaesthetics’ which are present in the bug’s saliva. Though these insects can live up to few months without feeding, they usually look for blood for every 5 to 10 days.

Living Habits

Bed bugs usually hide in crevices and cracks during day time as they like to live in dark places. They also hide in the tufts and folds of mattresses, hollow posts and cracks of bed rails, bed stands and headboards. You should not be cheated with the word ‘bed’ in the Bedbug, because they can be found in the other places as well, such as inside the cabins, side and bottom of the drawers, behind photo frames on the walls, behind wallpapers, under the window and door casings, and so on. However, the Bedbugs are not restricted to these locations.

Health effects of bedbugs on Humans

While bedbugs are well known to harbouring pathogens in their bodies, including hepatitis B and plague, they have not been linked to transmit any disease and are not considered as a medical threat. However, some individuals may get scars and infections from scratching bites. Though the bugs are not directly considered as a vector for transmitting diseases, they are surely serious stressors and can create a lot of distress and alarm. For some individuals, bedbugs can cause mild to moderate delusional parasitosis.

Temporary Bedbug Prevention and Control Tips

Some simple to follow precautions can help you prevent bedbug infestation in your home:

  • Check the old furniture, couches and beds for any of bedbug infestations, before bring them home.
  • Use a cover to protect your mattresses and box springs to avoid hiding spots for bedbugs. Make sure that covers are thick enough and can resist tearing. Also, check the covers regularly for any holes.
  • Reduce clutter in order to reduce hiding places for bedbugs.

Permanent Bedbugs Control

To eradicate bedbugs on a long-term base, you need to have a professional bedbugs control done to your premise. We, at PestRid Naturals, offer an eco-friendly bedbug’s control treatment.

PestRid Naturals is constantly coming up with new ideas and uses latest eco-friendly products to ensure you get the best pest control service for your property. By using eco-friendly products, we make sure that there will not be any damage to your family, kids and pets, while the pests are treated effectively.

By understanding bedbugs’ lifestyle and their unique routines, we are capable of creating an ample analysis and treatment plan that lets us to take complete advantage to control them.

Once the living habits of the bedbugs have been identified, an assessment of the structure and the adjacent areas being attacked is performed, and then we offer you a tailor-made bedbug’s control program.

At PestRid Naturals, we continue to provide our customers with the best quality expertise and services. Please call us to assist you get rid of bedbugs naturally and immediately from your premises.