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100% Natural
Best Pest Control Services in Chennai

100% Natural
Best Pest Control Services in Chennai

30% Offer - Termite Control Services in Chennai

Best Pest Control services in Chennai

We are the ISO-certified and Best Pest Control services in Chennai location. Providing our customers with three-stage protection with a long-lasting residual effect. As ISO aggregated service our experts will begin with a thorough inspection & operation will vary for each premise depending on the nature and the intensity of the infestations.

General Pest control service in the Chennai region is executed with a guarantee period of up to seven years. Our services and pest product spray are completely 100% safe, natural, and good for the environment.

Highlights of our Services :

  • Highly safe for the environment
  • Rated Three-stage protection
  • 7 years Guarantee 
  • Completely safe for Humans and pets 
  • 31 yrs of experience.
  • 100% Natural and Safe for Humans
  • A Long-lasting natural residual effect
  • Pest cannot form a resistance
  • Foam Operation first time in India
  • Natural Aromas
  • Children, elderly, and pet-safe
Termite Control Services in Chennai


4.7 Star Rating from 212+Google Reviews



- Viswakarma Builders

    Thank you very much for the service you provide! I have never again had any Insect issues since your first treatment of our home! Happy to be associated with you for all our projects. Wishing you the very best. God bless you.    


- Zeus Air Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai

    We have used many pest control solutions in the past but to no avail as they kept coming back within two years. It’s 4 years now since we used Termite Rid and they have been true to their name as our office is completely PEST RIDDEN. A word of appreciation about the team as well. Very customer oriented and friendly with patience being their forte.    


- Confleunce Interiors

    I’ve used Pest Rid Naturals for many years and have always been very satisfied. Whenever anything needed to be done they were always there right away. All of the technicians have been polite and helpful.    

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Pricing Details for Best Pest Control services

Operation 100% Natural Ingredients. Strictly Zero Harmful Chemicals
Foaming Exclusive for wooden wall fixtures
Innovative Doors & Windows frames are treated internally in a innovative way by using an apparatus
Methods We follow Exclusive Operation Methods for each premises
Evacuation No need of vacating the premises
Warranty Up to 7 years
AMC After Service Backup, Pest re-inspection will be done once in six months. Complementary General Pest Control Service for an annum & Natural Cleaning Products will be provided
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Pest Rid Naturals - Best Pest Control services in Chennai Since 1992

We are one of the leading companies in all pest problems in the chennai region, We introduce pest services and pest control products to get rid of them and it has a long-lasting residual effect.

Best Pest Control services

Pest can be present in anything it can seen in agricultural farms, companies, old buildings, or in your home.

Any kind of pest is dangerous and even considered one of the most dangerous insects because of their destructive behavior.

The only pattern that we can see with Pests is they do live in colonies like tinny little creatures. 

Particularly we find species in our homes when the property doesn't clean regularly.


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Pestrid Naturals' Approach: How Do We Perform Our service?

We, at Pestrid Naturals, follow the D-E-O approach in practising our services in Chennai and other regions.

Pest Control Step #1: Determination

Before proceeding with the direct inspection of your property, Pestrid Experts will provide you with a questionnaire to get a detailed understanding of the property's history. Our Pest Control services in Chennai experts will perform a thorough inspection from the basement for moisture testing, the foundation for wood debris & other possible source areas of pest infection. With the help of modern equipment such as IR thermometers, moisture meters, pest detection systems, our Experts take professional care to detail what kind of pests are active on the property. After this complete detailing, our Experts will give you the Inspection report & recommended plans for eradicating pests.

Pest Control Step #2: Eradication

Once you, the property owner approve the report & recommended plans, Pestrid Naturals Experts will begin implementing the eradication process, especially with the eco-friendly natural Liquid Treatment. The R & D department of Pestrid Naturals manufactures the pest solution that kills any kind of pest effectively. Also, our pest solutions have 100% Natural ingredients that are less harmful to the environment than the usual chemical ingredients.

Pest Control Step #3: Observation

Even after the complete eradication of pests in your property, we strongly recommend the “The Prevention Mantra" as it means the prevention methods to follow to stay away from pest invasion in future. A Re-treatment program is also associated with the plan by our pest control Chennai team & the property owner can use it when requires.

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