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Best Way to Kill a Cockroach

What Are the Best Ways to Kill a Cockroach

The best way to kill a cockroach is to buy some chemical spray that is not essential and will come into your house. So in this theory, the roaches want to be repealed as it will never come again. Killing the roaches is fine but the roaches evolved many roaches. The motto is to repel them naturally. Yes! Natural ways 

are the best way to deal with roaches because it is completely safe for kids and the environment.

Hence There are some Effective remedies mentioned below.

Roach Cookies

Cockroach eating Roach Cookies

So How to make roach cookies? It is simple to Take a half cup of sugar and a half cup of flour, a plenty amount of Crisco Shortening, and add a little bit of Boric Acid Powder mix them, and make it dry place it in a kitchen bathroom it’ll kill or repeal the roaches.

  • Kindly Mix all the components in a bowl to make a ball.
  • Note: Keep it away from pets and children
  • Keep it under the fridge, stove, sinks, and cabinets.
  • Check the locations every couple of weeks, and replace them when the cookie parches out.


Borax for killing a roaches

There are many ways to kill a cockroach and the most effective way is borax powder. It is a straightforward way to use borax. Add a little amount of borax with sugar also some cocoa dust and mix it into a ball-like structure.

Boric acid is the best ingredient to kill the roaches and the combination peanut butter is also the best repellent for roaches. Boric acid acts as an all-natural poison that kills unclean roaches in a couple of the days 

Bay Leaves

Bay Leaves for the roaches

The bay leaves are scientifically proven to repel roaches and prevent roaches from entering cabinets and kitchen areas. Could you ever notice? When you are cooking bay leaves the bugs will never come into your house.

Bottle Trap

Bottle Trap to kill the cockroaches

Use the Empty Water bottle and cut the top of the water bottle. Place the sugar, coffee, or waste food in the bottom of the water bottle to attract the roaches. A trap should be made like insects can’t escape from that trap.

Soap and Water Spray

Soap and Water Spray for roaches

This might be a chemical way but it is also effective. Get the soap powder and hot water, mix them in the spray bottle, and spray them in roaches affected area. The cockroach might persist to run when you spread and it will die after a minute.


Cucumber is the best repellent for the roaches and Petroleum jelly must placed in cucumber to prevent the cockroach’s presence. Just Place the cucumber in the bottle and keep it someplace convenient.

These methods are short-term use but if you want the better result for long term you need to hire the best cockroach control services. Join hands with Pest rid naturals to keep this environment pest free because we are 100 % Natural and our services are completely safe for kids, humans, and pets.

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