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Cockroach Control Services

cockroach control

PestRid Naturals offers a three stage natural protection against cockroaches by using natural products which is highly effective on the cockroaches. We offer an AMC package wherein the treatment is done thrice a year. A onetime service is also provided by the company. Our technicians will execute a complete spraying for the entire premises and a natural gel will be applied where spraying is not possible (kitchen appliances, electrical switch boards, cupboards etc.).

Highlights of our Cockroach Control Services

  • 100% Natural.
  • Kills eggs and adult Cockroach.
  • Can be used in all places Including Cooking area.
  • Manufactured in India.
  • Economical.
  • Very effective against Cockroach.
  • Attacks insect’s exoskeleton.
  • Zero Stain, Natural aroma.
  • Non toxic water based formula.
  • Children, elderly and pet safe.

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About Cockroach Control/ Cockroach

Pest Rid Naturals a Cockroach pest control in Chennai uses a natural product which is highly effective on the cockroaches and most of all 100% safe for humans and environment. Pest Rid Naturals have introduced Roach-RID a ready to spray and Roach – Gel which acts as a bait thereby terminating the roaches completely leaving no traces of their existence. It can be used efficiently by everyone as it is totally natural, handy and cost effective.


Cockroaches are one of the common pests that we find around. They belong to the order, Blattodea.

Cockroaches are usually omnivores other than that Cryptococcus which survive on wood. These species cannot assimilate cellulose, and they possess a coactive relationship with a protozoan which assimilates cellulose, letting them to remove the nutrients, which makes Cryptococcus related to Termites. Some cockroach species are closely associated with mankind and broadly found in the kitchen or nearby trashes. Most commonly found cockroaches are mainly of 4 types;

German Cockroaches

These are omnivorous beings and scavengers. These cockroaches like meats, grease, sugary foods and starch. In certain circumstances where there is less availability of foodstuff, they will even become cannibalistic, frequently chewing on legs and wings of one other or in fact eat domestic products like toothpaste, glue and soap. These cockroaches can be found during the day rarely and specifically if they are being disturbed or if there is a huge population around. However, these are reported to be seen mostly in the evening timings as these cockroaches are nocturnal beings and hence are mostly active in the nights.

One female cockroach can possibly yield up to 35,000 young ones in a year. They mostly nest in wall cracks, voids and crevices as they prefer dark locations. These cockroaches can commonly cause heavy infestation if not properly treated. Sprays can only control these cockroaches in rare cases. The best solution is to bait them than using sprays on them.

American Cockroaches

These cockroaches are bigger in size and reddish-brown in colour, which typically forge from outside. Their average size is approximately 1.50 inches in length and some of them have wings. In domestic properties, these cockroaches are usually live in sewers and basements, and may move outside into yards when the weather is warm. They are very commonly visible in foundations, cervices and cracks of porches, crawl spaces, basements and walkways adjacent to buildings. These cockroaches feed on a broad range of animal and plant materials.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches usually travel visibly slower than other cockroach species. These are often termed as water bugs as they prefer living in dark and moist locations. Their usual length is 1.25 inches. Though they have wings, they cannot fly. The adult oriental cockroaches are very dark brown, which is near to black. They are often visible in sewers, damp basements, decaying organic matter, porches, drains and some other damp locations. They are also visible in outdoor under mulch, leaf ground cover and in bushes. Oriental cockroaches are nocturnal beings, and they are subtle, that a regular day-time inspection of an infested dwelling may not show any signs of cockroach activity in the surroundings.

Asian Cockroaches

Asian cockroaches are other most common species that are similar to that of German cockroaches, yet they are different in terms of behaviour. They like to infest moist and shaded areas in the ground covers, grassy areas and landscape, and are mostly active just at dusk. Adult Asian cockroaches can fly pretty much readily and they can fly long distances. They are also well-known for they fly to lights during nights. Hence, to control Asian cockroaches, bright lights should be avoided.

Life Cycle of a Cockroach

Cockroaches have an incomplete metamorphosis. Most of the species lay eggs in an egg case called ootheca, which is either deposited under or on suitable substrate, or held carrying attached to its genital area. The egg stage lasts from a few weeks to a few months. The young cockroaches are active from hatching stage and resemble the adult cockroaches but are commonly lighter in colour and lack wings. The young ones grow through various nymphet instars that may range from two to twelve depending on its species and may take from one month to twelve months to reach its maturity stage. Some of the cockroach species live for many years.

Entry and Hiding points of Cockroaches in Premises

These beings can hide in any place or in any corner. Usually they like isolated places during daytime and once it gets dark they come out of the corners and move around. You can find them in wall cracks, sewer lines, under the stove, garbage cans, under the sink or in any dump area that they feel comfortable.

Common damages by Cockroaches

It is a well-known fact to most of us that cockroaches love to live in dirty, dump and dark places, and they carry numerous dangerous germs and bacteria along with them. They usually feed on left out foods spilled on the kitchen slab, on the ground and other places. They have the ability to contaminate uncovered fruits, vegetables and other foods, as their litters are very harmful. They lay their eggs on floor, and sometimes even on our cloths which will cause various skin disorders and allergies.

Cockroach prevention and control tips

You can prevent cockroaches entering your premise through some tips:

  • Always keep your premises clean
  • Clear the left-out and spilled foods on the dining tables, kitchen slabs and on the ground.
  • Keep your bathrooms and toilets neat and clean, by treating them with germicides in a regular basis.
  • For a temporary relief from cockroaches, you can spray around the corners of the property.
  • Dispose any old clothes, garbage and other waste items.
  • Wash all vegetables and fruits as they might carry cockroach eggs or other pests’ eggs.
  • Go for an eco-friendly pest control service to achieve long-term cockroach control and maintenance. Using chemicals may give you relief from cockroaches, but may cause harm to your health. Also, while treating with chemicals, you are not supposed to use chemicals in certain places because of the dangers associated with them to human. On the other hand eco-friendly pest control can be used in every hook and nook of your premises.

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