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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Natural Pest Control effective?

Yes, it is more effective because the insects will not be able to form resistance against Natural Pest Control products. In contrast the Potent of the chemical stays only for a period of time and the pest will also form resistance in due course of time.

2. Chemicals inconvenience like odour last for only 2 to 3 days how will they be harmful?

The Smell of chemical pesticide may subside after two three days but the exposure of chemical to our body by inhalation, skin contact and ingestion (accidently touching the chemical surface and eating food mainly by children) goes on for a very long time.

3. Is Natural Pest Control Treatments are very expensive?

Not exactly it is marginally expensive but the longevity of the treatment is more and above all it is 100% safe to humans and pets like dogs, cats, etc..

4. Do we need to vacate after treatments?

No, only Chemical treatment needs such Procedure.

5. Can we do-it by our self?

Yes, you can do it yourself because handling natural products is safe and simple. Chemicals are harmful and unsafe to Handle.

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