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EcoMarvy Snake Rid (5L)

7,410 Incl GST


  • 100% NATURAL.
  • Demonstration and guidance from experts.
  • Simple and convenient to use.
  • Chases by odour and taste.
  • Cost effective.

Pest Rid Naturals have introduced a natural repellent to help you find ways to keep snakes away without posing unnecessary risks to you, your family, pets, or the environment. To the convenience of our customers we have initiated to market the product termed as SNAKE RID which has been imported can be used conveniently and effectively as it is absolutely natural and an effective proven product.

  • One litre concentrate (can be mixed with 10 litres of water).
  • 1 kg of natural dust.
  • 1 litre PumpĀ  spray.

User Instruction

  • Shake well before use.
  • Measure 250 ml of product with 750 ml of water.
  • Spray thoroughly in the areas of infestation. eg. Hiding places, Vegetation and along the periphery of the building.
  • Apply considerable amount of dust in all the places of infestation.
  • Repeat the process once in fifteen days.
  • Always keep the cap closed tight and store the products in a cool dry place.

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