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Chennai's No.1
Snake Control Services

Chennai's No.1
Snake Control services

snake catcher in chennai

Best Snake Control Services in Chennai

Pest Rid Naturals is known for its best, quick & safest snake control services in Chennai region, making client property free from dangerous snakes & client free from attacks of such venom creatures. Our Snake Control Chennai team is licensed experts in snake catching & has specialist tools & knowledge to take care of your property aside from any snake attacks. Snake control is all about identifying the species that it belongs to & how it may behave. This knowledge helps much in further controlling it and anticipating its behaviour, removing it without any risks. Pestrid Naturals snake control Chennai region execute with the exclusive packages based on the infestation grade of each property.

Highlights of our Snake Control Services:

  • 29 Years Industry-Leading Technology
  • Licensed Expert Team
  • Skilful Snake Catchers 
  • 100% safe for humans and pets
  • Applicable in any properties
  • Quick & Safety Guaranteed 
Snake Control Services in Chennai

Pricing Details for Snake Control Service

Price ₹ 3,600/- (starts from)
Treatment 100% Natural Ingredients. Strictly Zero Harmful Chemicals
Foaming Exclusive for wooden wall fixtures
Internal Doors & Windows frames treated internally by using an apparatus
Methods Follow Exclusive style for each premises
Vacation No need of vacating premises while doing our service
Warranty 3 years
AMC 1 Year General Pest Control AMC included in the Package
Call Now 9025 172 172

Pestrid Naturals - Snake Control Chennai Since 1992

Pestrid Naturals is the brainchild of Mr Anto Fernandez. We are one of the leading companies in all kinds of Pest control services in the Chennai region. Especially in Snake control Chennai, We have an expert team trained with wildlife management tactics & always aim to provide peace of mind to our clients who worry more about their property, agriculture field or garage. The Products & types of equipment that we use in the snake catcher process are thoroughly safe and user-friendly, recommended for residential, agricultural & any outdoor purposes.

Types of Snake Invasion:

Snakes, those always present or hide on your property, can classify as Reptile Habitats, Garden Habitats, Sunny Habitats, Grassed Habitats.

1) Reptile Habitats: If you have your property on or nearby rough grassland, large quarries, large derelict sites, railway embankments, then you may have problems with the reptile habitat snakes

2) Garden Habitats: If you have a garden or property nearby garden consisting of woods, ponds, shrubs, piles, dense grass, Garden habitat type snakes can make their presence 

3) Sunny Habitats: If you have property on or nearby vegetation or paddy field areas, there is a high possibility for Sunny habitat snakes having their presence

4) Grassed Habitats: Some snakes like to adapt and try to live in debris or high dense grassed areas. Grassed property owners should be more cautious regarding this type of snake. 


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Identifying the Snake Invasion:

The most probable alarming signal of Snake Invasion is seeing it in your naked eye. But there are a few signs by which you can feel the presence of a snake on your property, which is as follows:
1) Snakes have a habit of shedding their skin immediately after they come out of hibernation. If you find snakeskin or its dust, try to identify its hiding place at the earliest.
2) Snake hole is another identification mark if a snake has its presence on your property
3) Snake traces and distinct trials. You may see snake traces on your property as they travel a lot for food.
4) Snake nest or eggs. Snakes usually have nests in dark or cold locations.



- Viswakarma Builders

    Thank you very much for the service you provide! I have never again had any pest issues since your first treatment of our home! Happy to be associated with you for all our projects. Wishing you the very best. God bless you.    


- Zeus Air Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai

    We have used many pest control solutions in the past but to no avail as they kept coming back within two years. It’s 4 years now since we used Pest Rid and they have been true to their name as our office is completely PEST RIDDEN. A word of appreciation about the team as well. Very customer oriented and friendly with patience being their forte.    


- Confleunce Interiors

    I’ve used Pest Rid Naturals for many years and have always been very satisfied. Whenever anything needed to be done they were always there right away. All of the technicians have been polite and helpful.    

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    Pestrid Naturals' Approach: How do we perform our snake control services in Chennai?

    We, at PestRid Naturals, follow the D-E-O approach in practising our Snake control services in Chennai and other regions. 

    Snake Control #1: Determination

    Handling methods for Snakes are different from other pests. Generally, some snakes are harmless & most are venomous.
    Our Snake control Chennai Experts knows how to approach a snake. Experts know where to search in a property to locate their hiding places. Our snake control Chennai experts use protective gears to tackle all kinds of defensive steps snakes will take. For example, snakes mostly release droppings, musky scents, venomous squash when we approach them. 

    Snake Control #2: Eradication

    Once the property owner approves recommended plans, PestRid Experts will begin implementing the eradication process by setting safe trappings in and around the property. Our experts use the Snake Rid solution acts as a catching & repellent agent. We never use poisons that may cause many legal problems. In our eradication process, we keep in mind that to protect you & your loved ones from snakes.

    Snake Control #3: Observation

    Compared to other pests invasion, stopping a snake from entering your property is much easier than catching them once they come in. Our Snake control Chennai experts seal prominent entry points of snakes into your property. Our team will guide you on proper mowing of lawns & maintaining the grass height. Our trained snake control experts will design a unique plan & to-do list for your property on how to prevent the entry of snakes in future. A Re-treatment program is also associated with our snake control packages & the property owner can use it whenever required. 

    Require Help in Dealing with your pest problem, Please fill in your details our representative will contact shortly.


    Snake control & Prevention techniques to follow:

    • Seal Unwanted Openings: Close holes more than 1/4 inch with solid mortar, sheet metal or copper plates.  
    • Snake Proof Fence: Surround your property with readymade snake-proof fences. 
    • Reduce the rat population on your property 
    • Consistent mowing of lawns is appreciable
    • Removing bushes, boards, debris close to the ground 
    • Constant use of standard repellent solutions around the boundaries. 
    • Installation of perches can be effective in catching snakes 
    • Funnel traps can also be effective 

    To eradicate snake invasion for the long term, you need to have professional snake control services done to your premises & follow experts advice in preventing their invasion. At Pest Rid Naturals, we constantly come with new ideas to ensure you get the best snake control service for your property. As we use only eco-friendly products, we assure you that there will not be any physical side effects on your elders, kids and pets.

    At Pest Rid Naturals, we are passionate to provide our customers with the best quality expertise and services. You can contact
    our experts via +91 9025 172 172 to get rid of snakes immediately from your premises.

    Why Pestrid Naturals is Preferred?


    No Toxic Chemicals

    100% Naturals

    Highly Safe Usage

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