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Termite Control Services

termite control

Pest Rid Naturals offers exclusive packages for termites giving your property a three stage protection with a long lasting residual effect. A through inspection will be done by our trained technicians and treatment will vary for each premise depending on the nature and the intensity of the infestations. The termite control treatments are offered with a guarantee period of up to seven years. We use a natural spray which is highly effective on the termites and most of all 100% safe for humans and the environment.

Highlights of our Termite Control Services

  • 100% Natural.
  • No toxic foot print on the environment.
  • Three stage protection.
  • Guarantee up to 7 years.
  • 100% safe for human and pets.
  • Long lasting natural residual effect.
  • Termites cannot form resistance.
  • Foam treatment first time in india.
  • Odour less / pleasant fragrance.

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About Termite Control / Termites

Pest Rid Naturals a Termite pest control company in Chennai offers exclusive packages for termites giving your property a three stage protection with a guarantee of seven years. We use a natural product which is highly effective on the termites and most of all 100% safe for humans. Having been a proven product Pest Rid Naturals have introduced TERM I-RID a ready to Natural spray product which kills termites and has a long lasting residual effect.


Termites are social insects. They are well-known for their wood feeding habit. They usually feed on timbers, dead plants, animals and anything that possess cellulose. There are approximately 2600 documented termite species. Termites Life Cycle a termite hatches from an egg and consistently goes through changes before it reaches maturity. Each egg can develop into any part of its caste (family), whether it could be a reproductive, a soldier or a worker. With numerous eggs hatching, the one way that the King and Queen choose to make sure that every role is being filled, is controlling the growth of immature termites through releasing pheromones.


When an egg of termite hatches, it is called as a larva, which can eventually change into a worker, soldier or a primary or secondary reproductive. If a larva is predestined for the reproductive form, its first stage is called as a Nymph.

It is hard to predict what form a larvae will turn into or what role it will play. The only sure thing about termites is they can transform into various parts of the caste to build the colonies for their ever evolving requirements – King, Queen, Soldiers, Workers and Reproductive’s.

For instance, if the colony is in need of more workers, a Nymph begins going through a sequence of reversions and become a False Worker. Once a reproductive termite reaches full maturity, it leaves the nest; then it develops wings, functioning eyes, darker/harder bodies (assisting in withstanding light and less humid air), and starts a procedure called as swarming.

Swarming happens as the termites decide to spread out their territory. Thousands of reproductive termites may leave the nest to develop new colonies. The swarmers (termites that involve in swarming) will finally shed their wings while reaching their destination and can never fly again.

A revealing sign that a termite swarm existing inside your home is the presence of hundreds of surplus wings on or around your windowsills, since they try to get outside by flying towards light.

Termite Facts

Termites, also known as white ants, are secretive beings with a voracious appetite and a difficult but well organized social system. Amazing engineering and survival intuitions have been a major factor for their survival for thousands of years. Within a termite colony, there are variety of castes – King, Queen, Soldiers, Workers and even additional reproductive. Each of these castes has a certain function to execute for the maintenance and survival of their colony. In a single colony there can be hundreds of thousands of termites working throughout a day

Damages Done by Termites

Termite can eat anything that they prefer, including a human. Their wood eating habit makes them as the worst enemy to wood. As they usually remain closed to protect themselves from adverse climatic conditions, it is very hard to detect them until and unless there has been some major damage done. Once they enter a building, they just do not limit themselves to wood but also infest on everything that contains cellulose. They usually enter a premise through soil, and also can even transmit through rubber, plaster, soft plastics and sealants like acrylics and silicon rubber and construction materials. Any item that is in direct contact with the soil, such as, vines, trees and plumbing fixtures – can serve as an avenue to Termites for infestation.

Temporary Termite Control Tips

  • Keep the surroundings neat and clean.
  • Throw all the old clothes and any wooden debris.
  • Get an anti-termite treatment to your premise pre/post construction.
  • To eradicate termites on a long-term base, you need to have a professional termite control done to your premise. We, at Pest Rid Naturals, offer an eco-friendly termite control treatment.

By understanding termites’ well structured social system and their unique routines of contrary termite species, we are capable of creating an ample analysis and treatment plan that lets us to take complete advantage to control them. Once the species has been identified, an assessment of the structure and the adjacent areas being attacked is performed, and then we offer you a tailor-made termite control program.

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