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Top 3 Termite Treatment Methods – Pestridnaturals

Top 3 Termite Treatment Methods - Pestridnaturals

Termites are the haters of Wood Lovers and wood stuff sellers. It destroys their beautiful wood collections. Once termites come inside, it destroys and damages wooden material. If you suspect or discover termites inside your shop or house, contact a professional Termites control service. They will examine the infested areas and recommend the suited termite treatment methods.

Before Jumping into termite treatment methods, know some details about termites. 

Termites (Karaiyan) are similar to the wood-eating cockroach. It is usually small (15 millimeters). There are different cast systems among termites. They are

  1. King
  2. Queen
  3. Secondary queen
  4. Tertiary queen
  5. Soldiers
  6. Workers

It is one type of cellulose-eating insect. Termites are multiple through wooden material. Termites eat dead plants and play a vital role in the ecosystem. 

Subterranean and Drywood are the two types of termites that affect woods. Drywood termites infest and live inside the dry woods materials. It does not need a moist environment. 

Subterranean termites are quite the opposite of Drywood termites. It prefers moist states and can live in both soil and wood.

But both are dangerous to your home or shops. 

Top 3 Termite Treatment Methods 

1. Soil Injection Treatment

Soil Treatment is used to eliminate Subterranean termites. In this method, the Liquid termiticide is used as an injection. Where the injection of this system reduces the termite population and prevents termites in the future. 

Soil Injection is the most commonly used method to control termites. Soil to wood contact is the entry point of termites to your home. Injecting the termiticide makes the termite barrier. These Soil termite treatment methods are performed by using a power-operated pump along with the long rod. 

2. Borate Wood Treatment

Borate is basically acting as a termite repellent. Borate treatment lasts for up to 12 years. Spray the borate on the wooden material before the primary and paint coating. It prevents attack and nibbles from termites. The best termite treatment methods. 

3. MABI Injector Treatment

Spraying chemicals on wood can only treat the surface. But the MABI injection method will treat the wood in depth. MABI injection method is one of the most higher efficiency termite treatment methods

It is a breakthrough system and easy to implement. Most reliable and Cost-effective for your post-construction treatments.


Drill 2/3 of the depth.

Inject the one return valve on the drill. Distribute the chemical under pressure without any backflow.

Though it is detritivores, it ruins wooden things in the house. If you are selling wooden stuff or passionate about it, then you know the trouble. Treat termite properly with one of the best termites treatment methods.


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