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Top 5 Types of Garden Infesting Pests – Pestridnaturals

Top 5 Types of Garden Infesting Pests - Pestridnaturals

Hey Gardeners! Why the long face? 

Let me guess… 

Something destroying your loved things. Right?

So, Pests are infesting your garden. 

Have you ever think what are the types of pests infesting your garden? First, find the root cause, then only you can solve the problem completely. First, Know the types of garden infesting pests and then learn solutions to get rid of them.

Types of Garden Infesting Pests

1. Caterpillars


Caterpillars ” The larvae of moth or butterfly”.

It is one of the common garden infesting pests. Caterpillars always want to eat a huge amount of food. The only role for the caterpillar is to eat, eat, eat,… Most species are plant eaters. So it is mostly present in gardens, forests, corp fields. It looks in green or black.  

Caterpillar is less harmful to humans, but some may sting you. It is the worst for the garden. How do they destroy? Caterpillars destroy the garden by eating leaves, flowers, shoots, fruits

2. Cutworms 

Cutworms garden infesting pests

Cutworms’ name itself defines that it feeds the baby plants from ground level. It looks like a C-shaped size. The range of colors of cutworms is brown, pink, green, and black.

Cutworms feed beans, cabbage, and Brassicaceae spices baby plants from the root. If you’re cultivating these plants in your garden. Make sure to keep them far away from the garden. 

3. Spider-Mites


Spider-mites are the family member of Tetranychidae. Mostly live bottoms of the leaves where they produce shed using the web for shield. It attacks both indoor and outdoor plants. One of the most dangerous types of garden infesting pests. They are oval in shape and reddish or pale in color. They lived in all the weather.

4. Scales


Scales are the small insects that are pests infesting gardens. It lives branches of the plants. 

It eats the leaves and branches of the plants also leaves the honeydew droplets. They have a shell-like bump appearance. 

5. Thrips


Thrips are the family of Thysanoptera. It causes tospoviruses and diseases among plants. 

It attacks the tender leaves and buds. Make the plant weak. They are less than 1mm long also, have fringed wings. It has unique asymmetrical mouthparts. Sometimes it does bite humans and makes slight irritations. 

Once you identify the types of garden infesting pests, then buy naturals garden sprays or contact a garden pest control service to get rid of them without harming the plants. 


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