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Chennai's No.1
Bird Control Services

Chennai's No.1
Bird Control services

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Expert Bird Control Services in Chennai

Pest Rid Naturals has 29+ Years of experience providing expert bird control services in Chennai. Our Bird Control Chennai team consists of certified experts in bird control across various industries, from individual residentials to apartments to industrial places to commercial premises. Bird control is all about identifying the species and preventing from nesting or keeping them away. Pestrid Naturals bird control Chennai team execute the exclusive packages based on the infestation grade of each property. 

Highlights of our Bird Control Services:

  • 29 Years Industry-Leading Technology
  • Licensed Expert Team
  • Prevent infestation
  • Avoid property damage
  • 100% Natural
  • Stops the spread of disease
  • No Expensive cleanup of droppings
  • No need for toxic pesticides
Bird Control Services in Chennai

Pricing Details for Bird Control Service

Price Call Our Experts
Treatment 100% Natural Ingredients. Strictly Zero Harmful Chemicals
Foaming Exclusive for wooden wall fixtures
Internal Doors & Windows frames treated internally by using an apparatus
Methods Follow Exclusive style for each premises
Vacation No need of vacating premises while doing our service
Warranty 3 years
AMC 1 Year General Pest Control AMC included in the Package
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PestRid Naturals - Bird Control Chennai Since 1992

Pestrid Naturals is the brainchild of Mr Anto Fernandez. We are one of the leading companies in all kinds of Pest control services in the Chennai region. Especially in Bird control Chennai, We have an expert team trained & always aim to help our clients with an effective solution for pigeons, crows, sparrows, parrots. The Products & types of equipment that we use in the bird control process are thoroughly safe and user-friendly, recommended for residential, commercial & any terrace purposes.

Birds are Beautiful but Bad for Business:

It is always necessary to be cautious about birds landing on your office or residence because they may commute disease-causing viruses or pathogenic agents, cause structural damage to the premises. Bird droppings can cause Histoplasmosis, a fungal disease that leads to respiration related issues.


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Damages Caused by Birds:

  • Birds' nature of creating nests is the root cause of all problems as they prepare nests based on their comfortability. If birds select your office, business place, home, shed, garage or any other location in your property for nesting, it not only costs money for the repair but also leads to health-related issues for humans & pets
  • Diseases like Fleas, Mites, Lice, ticks may spread through bird droppings
  • Birds like pigeons often live on building roofings that can cause severe equipment damage, clog vents and have the risk of reducing property values



- Viswakarma Builders

    Thank you very much for the service you provide! I have never again had any pest issues since your first treatment of our home! Happy to be associated with you for all our projects. Wishing you the very best. God bless you.    


- Zeus Air Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai

    We have used many pest control solutions in the past but to no avail as they kept coming back within two years. It’s 4 years now since we used Pest Rid and they have been true to their name as our office is completely PEST RIDDEN. A word of appreciation about the team as well. Very customer oriented and friendly with patience being their forte.    


- Confleunce Interiors

    I’ve used Pest Rid Naturals for many years and have always been very satisfied. Whenever anything needed to be done they were always there right away. All of the technicians have been polite and helpful.    

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    Pestrid Naturals' Approach: How do we perform our Bird Control Services in Chennai?

    We, at Pestrid Naturals, follow the D-E-O approach in practising our bird control services in Chennai and other regions.

    Bird Control Process #1: Determination

    Our Bird control Chennai Expert team will be visiting your business or Office/Home to conduct a thorough initial inspection. The inspection helps our experts to determine conditions conducive to birds activity on your property. Our bird control Chennai experts use protective gears to tackle all kinds of bird attacks. Also, it supports our experts to determine the bird species troubling your property, which leads to the corresponding action plan.

    Bird Control Process #2: Eradication

    Once the property owner approves recommended plans, PestRid Naturals Experts will begin implementing the birds' eradication action plan involving bird netting, spiking, wiring, sound units in and around the property. Our experts use the Bird Rid solution acts as a catching & repellent agent. We never use poisons that may cause many legal problems. In our eradication process, we keep in mind that to protect you & your loved ones from harmful diseases transmitted through birds.

    Bird Control Process #3: Observation

    Even after completing the eradication process, our experts will educate you on steps to follow, thus ensuring lifelong prevention from birds. Our Bird control Chennai experts provide customizable solutions to different properties such as apartments, commercial premises, chemical plants, food processing industries. Our trained bird control experts will design a unique plan & to-do list for your property on how to prevent the entry of birds in future. A Re-treatment program is also associated with our bird control packages & the property owner can use it whenever required.

    Require Help in Dealing with your pest problem, Please fill in your details our representative will contact shortly.


    Bird Control Prevention Steps to Follow:

    • Never support their habitats. Birds try to make their living in properties that have freshwater. So make sure you don't leave freshwater stagnant on or around your property. 
    • Birds nest in the initial stage is easy to dismantle using a stick. 
    • Maintain grass height in your garden areas. 
    • Use Aluminium foils around the plants. Birds dislike the smell of aluminium foil & it keeps them away. 
    • Use Fishing wire high above the property in a criss-cross pattern hanging between the trees or posts that make birds redirect & land in a different property
    • Spill Baking soda in the windows, terrace or any other bird landing areas, as it keeps birds away from your property

    To eradicate bird invasion for the long term, you need to have professional bird control services done to your premises & follow experts advice in preventing its invasion. At Pest Rid Naturals, we constantly come with new ideas to ensure you get the best bird control service for your property. By implementing our work with eco-friendly products, we assure you there will be no physical damages to your elders, kids and pets.

    At Pest Rid Naturals, we are passionate to provide our customers with the best quality expertise and services. You can contact
    our experts via +91 9025 172 172 to get rid of any species of birds immediately from your premises.

    Why Pestrid Naturals is Preferred?


    No Toxic Chemicals

    100% Naturals

    Highly Safe Usage

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