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100% Natural
Cockroach Control Services

100% Natural
Cockroach Control services

Cockroach Control in Chennai
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Cockroach Control Services in Chennai

We offer three-stage natural protection packages for Cockroach control services in Chennai, along with an AMC package wherein the cockroach killer treatment is done thrice a year on our client property. Our Cockroach Control Chennai technicians will execute complete spraying for cockroaches on the entire premises & will apply a Natural gel where spraying is not possible (kitchen appliances, electrical switchboards, cupboards, etc.) Our Cockroach Control Chennai experts execute with our own manufactured cockroach killer products, Indian-made with 100% Natural ingredients being perfectly safe for humans & the environment.

Highlights of our Cockroach Control Services:

  • 29 Years Industry-Leading Technology
  • 100% Natural
  • Non-Toxic Water based Formula
  • Applicable in all places, including the Cooking area
  • Attacks exoskeleton of cockroaches
  • Kills eggs and adult Cockroach
  • Zero Stain, Natural aroma
  • 100% safe for humans and pets
  • A Long-lasting natural residual effect
  • Economical & Manufactured in India
cockroach control services in chennai



- Viswakarma Builders

    Thank you very much for the service you provide! I have never again had any pest issues since your first treatment of our home! Happy to be associated with you for all our projects. Wishing you the very best. God bless you.    


- Zeus Air Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai

    We have used many pest control solutions in the past but to no avail as they kept coming back within two years. It’s 4 years now since we used Pest Rid and they have been true to their name as our office is completely PEST RIDDEN. A word of appreciation about the team as well. Very customer oriented and friendly with patience being their forte.    


- Confleunce Interiors

    I’ve used Pest Rid Naturals for many years and have always been very satisfied. Whenever anything needed to be done they were always there right away. All of the technicians have been polite and helpful.    

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Pricing Details for Cockroach Control Service

Treatment 100% Natural Ingredients. Strictly Zero Harmful Chemicals
Foaming Exclusive for all the drains, cracks & crivices
Gel Treatment Gel will be applied in all the required places
Methods We follow exclusive treatment methods for each premises
Evacuation No need to empty the ktichen while doing our service
DIY Package Exclusive DIY Packages available according to the different needs of the premises
Warranty 3 months
AMC Attractive Packages available starting from ₹3,600/- Complementary products, a part of our AMC
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Pest Rid Naturals - Cockroach Control Chennai Since 1992

We have become one of the leading companies for more than 25 years in Cockroach Control Chennai region. We introduce Roach-RID, a ready cockroach killers spray and Roach–Gel which acts as a bait, thereby achieving 100% roaches termination without leaving any traces of their existence. It is natural, handy and cost-effective.


Cockroaches are one of the common pests that we find around. They belong to the order, Blattodea. Cockroaches are usually omnivores other than Cryptococcus that survive on wood. These Cryptococcus species cannot assimilate cellulose, and they possess a coactive relationship with a protozoan, letting them remove the nutrients that make Cryptococcus related to Termites. Some cockroach species are closely associated with humans and broadly found in the kitchen or nearby trashes.


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Cockroaches - Entry & Hiding Points in Premises:

These beings can hide in any dark spaces or any corner in the house/room/office space/any other property. Usually, they like isolated places during the daytime & once it is dark, they come out of the corners and move around. You can find them in wall cracks, sewer lines, under the stove, garbage cans, under the sink or in any dump area that they feel comfortable.

Damages Caused By Cockroaches:

It is a well-known fact to most of us that cockroaches love to live in dirty, damp and dark places, and they carry numerous, dangerous germs and bacteria along with them. They usually feed left out foods on the kitchen slab, on the ground and in other places. They can contaminate uncovered fruits, vegetables and other foods, as their litters are very harmful. Even one faecal pellet drops on any dish consumed by a human lead to a high risk of getting dysentery. They lay their eggs on the floor, sometimes even on our clothes which will cause various skin disorders and allergies.

Our Approach: How Do We Perform Our Cockroach Control Services in Chennai?

We follow the D-E-O approach in practicing our Cockroach control services in Chennai and other regions.

Cockroach Control Step#1: Determination

Our Experts will help the property owner in identifying the presence of cockroaches by raising related questions. Such questions will help in understanding the size & species of cockroaches present in that property. After this initial study, our Experts will inspect based on the signs cockroaches generally leave as their droppings, egg capsules, shed skin, smear marks & unpleasant odour.

Cockroach Control Step#2: Eradication

As the next step, Our Experts will begin implementing the eradication process, especially with the Bug-Rid Liquid Treatment. The R & D department manufactures the cockroach control solution that effectively kills all stages of cockroaches. Also, our Cockroach control Chennai has 100% Organic plants & mineral-based ingredients that are less harmful to the environment than the usual chemical ingredients.

Cockroach Control Step#3: Observation

Even after the ground level eradication, Our Experts will genuinely educate the property owner about the seriousness of good housekeeping & maintenance to control further invasion. We provide attractive AMC packages for effective control of cockroaches. The Bug-Rid is a very effective, natural insect killer as insects will not be able to form a resistance against Bug-Rid at any point of time.

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Cockroach Control Protection Techniques To Follow:

  • Always keep your premises neat
  • Clear the left-out and spilt foods on the dining tables, kitchen slabs and the ground
  • Keep your bathrooms and toilets neat and clean by treating them with germicides regularly
  • For temporary relief from cockroaches, you can spray around the corners of the property
  • Dispose of any old clothes, garbage and other waste items
  • Wash all vegetables and fruits as they might carry cockroach eggs or other pest eggs
  • Go for an eco-friendly cockroach control service to achieve long-term cockroach control and maintenance. Using chemicals may give you relief from cockroaches but may cause harm to your health. Also, while treating with chemicals, you are not supposed to use chemicals in certain places because of the dangers associated with them to humans.

Why Pest Rid Naturals is Preferred?


No Toxic Chemicals

100% Naturals

Highly Safe Usage

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