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Chennai's No.1
Rodent Control Services

Chennai's No.1
Rodent Control services

Licensed Rat Control Services in Chennai

PestRid Naturals offers the ultimate packages for rat control services in Chennai, as controlling rodents is one of its unique services. Our rat control Chennai experts provide a cost-effective RODENT BAIT STATION along with glue pads by understanding the habitual nature of the rodents. Our experts use Rodent bait stations mainly outdoors, which helps in the easy eradication of the total population of the rodent family. We offer a one-time service or an AMC for rat control services in the Chennai region, according to the needs and requirements of the customers.

Highlights of our Rat Control Services:

  • 29 Years Industry-Leading Technology
  • 100% Natural
  • Repels effectively in closed areas like false ceilings and ducts
  • Non-toxic water-based formula
  • Economical
  • Manufactured in India
  • Children, elderly and pet safe
  • Very effective against all types of Rats
  • Zero Stain, Natural aroma
  • Chases by Odour and Taste
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PestRid Naturals - Rat Control since 1992

Pestrid Naturals is the brainchild of Mr Anto Fernandez. We have become one of the leading companies in all types of Pest control services in the Chennai region for more than 25 years. Especially in Rat control Chennai, we introduce Rat bait stations, rat pads, a ready rat killers spray and rat repellent gel which acts as a bait, thereby achieving 100% rodent termination without leaving any traces of their existence. It is natural, handy and cost-effective.


As we all know, rats and mice are major pests responsible for various epidemics and cause severe damages to our properties. Approximately, we document 1,500 to 2,000 varieties of rat species. Out of them, the most commonly visible rats are the following 3:

  • Sewer Rats
  • Roof Rats
  • House Mice

Rodents live on the “principle of commensalisms”. They share human life without any positive deeds to humans rather than causing damages to them in return.

Rats/Rodents - Understanding Growth Stages:

I) Sewer Rats Life Cycle: This rat is also called House Rat, Common Rat, Gray Rat, Barn Rat & Brown Rat. These are omnivores and can eat almost anything. There is a possibility of 4-7 litters every year, with approximately a dozen young rats per litter; hence the population can increase very quickly. Adult Sewer Rats live from 9 to 12 months.

II) Roof Rats Life Cycle: These rats are possibly the most visible common rat species found around. They are also called Ship Rats, Fruit Rats, Black Rats and Alexandrian Rats. A female Roof Rat usually reaches its sexual maturity at the age of 3 months. Their gestation period is 21 to 23 days only, with one litter producing 5-8 young roof rats. They are capable of producing more generations per year.

III) House Mice Life Cycle: A house mouse is a slender and small rodent that has a slightly pointed nose; black, small and somewhat projecting eyes; big and sparsely haired ears; and an almost hairless tail that has scale rings. They give birth to 5 to 6 young house mice during each litter after 19-21 days of mating. House mice grow faster & their eyes and ear are open and covered with hair after two weeks.



- Viswakarma Builders

    Thank you very much for the service you provide! I have never again had any pest issues since your first treatment of our home! Happy to be associated with you for all our projects. Wishing you the very best. God bless you.    


- Zeus Air Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai

    We have used many pest control solutions in the past but to no avail as they kept coming back within two years. It’s 4 years now since we used Pest Rid and they have been true to their name as our office is completely PEST RIDDEN. A word of appreciation about the team as well. Very customer oriented and friendly with patience being their forte.    


- Confleunce Interiors

    I’ve used Pest Rid Naturals for many years and have always been very satisfied. Whenever anything needed to be done they were always there right away. All of the technicians have been polite and helpful.    

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    Rodents/Rats - How do they enter your property?

    Rats can enter any building via any hole that is available for electrical wiring or a sewer. They can come into a commercial building via stocks exported/imported, crevices and cracks, trashes, damp areas, etc.
    They can settle in all kinds of the entrance of a property or building. Rodents usually prefer locations where they can find perfect surroundings of shelter, food and breeding. These pests can chew anything from paper to an electrical wire. Also, they pass on diseases, such as typhus, plague and others.

    PestRid Naturals Approach: How Do We Perform Our Rodent Control Services in Chennai?

    We, at Pestrid Naturals, follow the D-E-O approach in practising our Rodent control services in Chennai and other regions.

    Rat Control #1: Determination

    Rat, Rodents are intelligent creatures as they excel in adapting to any circumstances & location. Hence PestRid Naturals experts handle the property in a calculative way as the identification process of rats source/habitat may cause severe damage to the property. After this initial study, our Rat control Chennai Experts will inspect the property owner based on the signs rats generally leave as their droppings, egg capsules, shed skin, smear marks & unpleasant odour.

    Rat Control #2: Eradication

    As the next step, Pestrid Experts will begin the eradication process. Especially with the Rat-Rid Liquid Treatment & the Rodent Bait stations installation on the suspect areas, our experts aim for the complete eradication of the rodent family, not just one or two rats. The R & D department of Pestrid Naturals manufactures the Rat-Rid control solution that effectively kills both little & adult rodents. Also, our rat control Chennai has 100% Organic plants & mineral-based ingredients that are less harmful to the environment than the usual chemical ingredients.

    Rat Control #3: Observation

    Even after the ground level eradication, Pestrid Experts will genuinely educate the property owner about the seriousness of good housekeeping & maintenance to control the further invasion of rodents & rats. Pestrid Experts will provide regular AMC to the property after the eradication as rats & rodents are difficult to control because of their quick breeding potential. Sometimes they may develop resistance to these pest control solutions.

    Require Help in Dealing with your pest problem, Please fill in your details our representative will contact shortly.


    Rat/Rodent Control Protection Techniques To Follow:

    • Make sure to seal all the cracks on the ground and wall
    • Dust and mop the premises regularly.
    • Clean bathrooms, toilets and kitchen slabs and sinks frequently.
    • Eliminate all the debris.
    • Keep all the food materials in sealed containers or rat-proof packs.
    • Maintain a specific distance between the tins/jars in the kitchen. Hence the rodents will not find any gap to hide.

    If you wish to have a permanent & quick solution to controlling rodents, you should hire the best rodent & rat control services in Chennai. We at PestRid Naturals use eco-friendly pest control products that are effective on rodents. Call us: +91 98410 32477

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