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5 Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

Top 5 Ways to keep snakes away from your home

Snakes slithering around your yard or house might be a terrifying one. Two types of snakes are out there. One is venomous and the other is nonvenomous. The venomous spices are secreting their venom for self-defense. Snake’s own venom is capable of injuring or killing prey. The non-venomous snakes are neither sallow nor constriction of their food. Whether it is venomous or not, it is the risk of snakes sticking around your yard or home. So you must know the ways to keep snakes away from your home. 

5 Ways to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

1.  Snake Control Services 

Snake Control Services in chennai

The stats say that almost 81,000 to 1,38,000 people die each year due to snake bites. You have a backyard or house surrounded by a pond or lake, you are most prone to snakes infestation. To avoid snake bites, just planning to schedule snake control services is a way to keep snakes away. 

Snake control services have trained and experienced snake controllers. They prevent and do precautions against snake infestations. Some best snake controls services using organic products while getting rid of snakes. 

2. Do It Yourself Snake Repellents Kits 

Do It Yourself Snake Repellents Kits

There are some natural snake repellents in the market. Snake repellents keep the snake away from you, your family, pets, or the environment. 

Some snake repellents are 100% naturals. No need to vacate the premises. Those products are simple & comfortable to use. More Effective to control snakes around your house. 

 How to use the Products?

  • Always shake well before using the product because some ingredients are not mixed well. 
  • Mix 1/4 of the product with 3/4 of water. 
  • Spray the mixture thoroughly in infestation areas weekly once.

3. Seal the Gaps and Cracks

Seal the Gaps and Cracks

Snakes always enter the house with any gaps and cracks that are possible in the home. The reason why snakes come to homes is they are tempted to darkness and cold surfaces. The main things they are attracted to are rodents and reptiles crawling in the house. During cold months snakes search the shed or basement to sneak. 

Use some pre-mixed or “setting-type” joint compound to repair wall cracks and gaps in the house. Maintaining the home is a way to keep snakes away

4. Keep The Rodent Away 

Keep The Rodent Away 

Some species of snake rarely eat mice. So when the mice are in the house, there are higher chances of snakes sneaking around the house.

Keeping the rodent away is the only way to get rid of snake infestation in this scenario. Having rats may also cause damages and diseases. Follow any one of the ways to get rid of rats in your home.

  1. Book Rat control services.
  2. Buy and use natural rat repellents.
  3. Use Home remedies to get rid of rats.
  4. Make sure the dustbins and washbasin are clean.

5. Home Remedies to Keep Snakes Away

Home Remedies to Keep Snakes Away

Some home remedies are cheap in cost and the most effective way to keep snakes away from your home. Availability, Ease of use, affordability, and 100% safety are some of the benefits of using home products to get rid of snakes.

 Some home products that snakes are really scared of. They are

  1. Clove & Cinnamon Oil
  2. Sulfur
  3. Garlic & Onions
  4. Ammonia
  5. Vinegar
  6. Lime

 These are the quickly available products in the home that actually work on snakes.
Well, I hope you have read and aware of the ways to keep snakes away from your home. Keep following to know more about pest controls services.


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