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Top 5 Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation

5 Early Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation

Bed Bugs small creatures living most commonly under sofa, matters, packages, and cloths. But it creates anxiety, sleeplessness problems most among humans. Bed Bugs are also called Cimex lectularius. It is attracted by the warmness of the human body and the carbon dioxide we exhale. Though bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases, it creates itchiness and sucks the blood. Bed bugs aren’t dangerous, but its annoying insects. Here are the 5 signs of bed bugs infestation that you ought not to ignore. 

Where Do We Find Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are active at night, but where are bed bugs hiding in the morning? Beg Bugs are generally hiding in couches, between cushions, and folds of curtains. They can also drill into small hiding spots. If you spot the signs of bed bugs infestation contact immediately bed bug control services in Chennai or try to beg bugs repellent do it yourself kits.  

Myths About Bed Bugs

Myth #1 Bedbugs Can Fly 

False, bed bugs have undeveloped wings that aren’t designed to fly.

Myth #2 Bed Bugs Are Reproductive Fastly 

False, Bedbugs are slow reproductions when compared with other insects out there. An average female beg bug produces one egg per day. An egg takes at least 10 days to hatch.

Myth #3 Bedbugs Can Live a Year without Their Food

False, A debate says bed bugs can only last two or three months without food at 23-degree room temperature. 

Myth #4 Bed Bug Travel on Human Bodies

False, Bed bugs don’t like heat, so it doesn’t crawl on human bodies.

Myth #5 Bedbugs Spread Disease

True, Bed Bugs don’t transmit any diseases, but it gives anxiety, sleeplessness and even secondary infections among humans. 

5 Sign of Bed Bugs Infestation 

Sign #1 Musty Odor around the House

The Musty odor around your bedroom or kitchen is the signs of Bed bugs Infestation. Bed bugs release alarm pheromones that can odor strongly when the presence of bulk bugs. The higher density of odor makes unpleasant smells around your house. 

Sign #2 Blood Stains on Bedsheet

A Rusty or brown stain on the bed cover or pillow cover is the alarming signal of bed bugs in your bedroom. Bloodstains can happen for serval reasons, but bug excrements are small dots and dark in color. The bloodstains happen when you accidentally killed feeding bugs while sleeping.

Sign #3 Itchy Red Spots on Skin

The most common sign of bed bugs infestation is itchy skin. When you wake up in the morning, you notice the itchy red spots on your face or body, which means you are likely to bites. Bug bugs bites are commonly small, red, and itchy too. Not all people experiencing it. Some people may get bites but not have marks. So important to examine bed bugs regularly.

Sign #4 Hard Sleepness Nights

A human spends their morning at work and rest nights in bed. Bed bugs also love the bed. Bed bugs are most active at the night. Crawling bed bugs makes your night a bit longer and makes you have itchy red spots on your skin.

Sign #5 Bed Bug Eggs

Female bed bugs lay 1 to 7 eggs per day, and it takes 10 days to hatch. Eggs are like pinhead-sized, pearly white ovals. Its size is around 1mm in length. Usually, eggs are found near bed bug shelter spots. If you find the eggs then it’s one of the worst signs of bed bugs infestation.  So get rid of bed bugs before it gets multiple. 
Hope you will get some knowledge about the sign of bed bugs infestation and clear them before it gets worsen with Bug Rid Natural bug Killer Kit.


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